He’ll Never Leave You Hangin’

October 1, 2009 at 4:45 pm | Posted in Articles | Leave a comment

Yahweh will never leave you hangin’! I know that’s slang but that is what came to mind today and I reflected on yesterday. Well let me tell you what happened first and then it will make more sense…

The last couple of days I have been feeling extremely depressed and I do mean EXTREMELY. That is very uncharacteristic for me. I am generally very upbeat and radiantly joyful. I laugh 100 times a day and smile 1000! I knew part of it was due to recent relationship turmoils. A lot of people have hurt me in the last couple of months. It has been so painful as the ugliness of people’s hearts are exposed. However, that sad song is an old one. Nothing I haven’t overcome before. To people who trash my friendship I have this motto, “If you think I was good with you, wait ’til you see how much better I am without you!”. (LOL, ok I just made that up, but I think I’ll use it again!)

Anyway back to my point — I was depressed beyond normal grief over lost relationships. It was so bad that I was constantly having visions of my own death and they were welcome. It dawned on me that I was under a spiritual attack. I needed to call for back up because I was much too weak to fight on my own. I alerted people to pray for me and I’d say with in about 12 hours the stronghold broke and I was back to my cheery happy self.

The really interesting part was this though. God didn’t just swoop down and sprinkle joy dust on me. It was actually truth that made me free. He revealed to me the cause of my depression — the door that I had haphazardly left open for the spirit of depression to attack me. I was in the midst of a colon detox which was rieking havoc on my body due to the fact that I could not purchase the necessary supplements to help facilitate the removal of the toxins that were being released. Therefore, I stopped the detox. The Lord revealed to me that this left my hormones out of whack and that is how the enemy came in. Father then sent me to a website where I got the information that I needed to complete my detox more effectively.

It was the revelation of ‘why’ that caused my joy to return. I went shopping and got the products that I needed and I am on my way back to a healthy balance – Amen!  You see God will never leave us hanging. The problem with most of us is that we think answered prayer works like magic. We pray for we want and God zaps into our lives – wallah! Then when He doesn’t “zap”, we are dejected and say, “my paryers aren’t working”.

Often times in prayer we are seeking solutions when Yahweh wants to give us answers. A solution is an immediate fix that does not necessarily require understanding. An answer on the other hand is the understanding that will enable us to create a solution for ourselves. Receiving an answer as opposed to a solution is superior because with the gained understanding of an answer we can prevent the dilemma from happening again and help someone else in the same perdicament!

So if your problem isn’t fixed after you pray; it’s not because God didn’t answer your prayer. It’s because you didn’t work to find a solution after the answer came. He will not leave you hanging! He will give you the wisdom you need and lead you to a well of resources but it’s up to you to draw from the well the solution that He has set before you.

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy


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