My Master Cleanse Experience: A snapshot of my life

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(If you have not already please read the first entry in this series before you read this one.)

I think taking a look inside of my daily life will help as you follow along in my 40 day quest. I am a 34 year old, African-American female. I have been married for 10 years to a man named Emmanuel and we have seven children ages 21 months to 15 years. This includes four sons — Ja’Keim 15, Benjamin 8, Judah 7 and Zechariah 5. It also includes three daughters — Nebiyah 9, Mi’Kara 3 and Anayvah 21 months.

My oldest son Ja’Keim was born to me when I was a teenager. He no longer lives with us as of about two years ago. I really miss him. It’s a long story why he’s not here, or a long saga should I say. I don’t care to get into that. Needless to say, his absence in the home leaves a void, not only emotionally but also in terms of help.

My husband and I are both full time in ministry. Emmanuel is Pastor of a unique ministry called THE CHURCH on the Phone. He meets with his disciples every morning by phone, Sunday through Friday at 4:00AM (CST). I am often with him and try to support him spiritually and help him administratively as much as possible. At this time I have taken a break though because I have been feeling unappreciated lately and it’s been draining me.

I am a preacher, a Prophetess to be precise. I have a unique ministry assignment dealing with sexuality and intimacy issues in the church world. This gets interesting; it is very rewarding though. I come from a sexually perverse background so I am able to help others that are still where I used to be. I am also an entrepreneur. I own a company called Victoriously Free! Enterprises. I build websites, create logos, edit and publish books and perform a host of other graphic and publishing related tasks. I am also an author. I have written three books in the last couple of years – this blog journal may be my fourth.

Last year I made really good money through my speaking engagements and entrepreneur work. I was the primary bread winner in the home. Not that it matters, I only mentioned that to make a comparison to this year during which I have hardly made any money at all. My 8 year old son was a victim of a violent crime in April and that devastated my life. I was making good money up until then but everything stopped once that happened. I had to focus on the healing of my family.

What that means for us as a family right now is that we are in the poor house. Emmanuel Pastors full time. Certain physical ailments prevent him from working outside of the home on a consistent basis so if I don’t make money we suffer, and believe me when I tell you we are suffering right now. There is tension in the home as our children have out grown their rooms, and we as a family have just altogether outgrown this four-bedroom, 1300 square foot home. We are on top of each other and many little repairs need to be made. This is tough.

For the most part we are happy though. There is a lot of laughter here and a lot of love. My husband and I have a great relationship – and believe it or not, a healthy sex life! (That’s not easy with all of these small children here and no one to provide childcare.) We relocated from New York to Texas about four years ago and have yet to find help for our children. We have no family here. Everything is completely on us. In our 10 years of marriage we have never been on a honeymoon or vacation. Even a real date is out of the question because we always have to bring the babies with us.

We hold everything together through our strong faith in Yahweh, The True and Living God of All Things. We are a very spiritual family. We pray together every single day as a family. We consistently study the Word of God through the Bible. Our focus is constantly on loving God and each other. We also pray and worship a lot. Our children are quite different and I would have to say that Emmanuel and I are also different from the average Christian.

I think that’s a good snapshot into my life. Now as I continue to write you will understand a little bit better about who I am and where I am at in my life and the significance and challenge of what I am doing.

Read the next entry to find out why I am doing this…

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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