My Master Cleanse Experience: Why am I doing this?

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(If you have not already please read the first entry in this series before you read this one.)

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. This is a true saying each and every day, but today it holds more significance for me than it usually would. Today is the day that I truly take control of my life, the totality of my being – spirit, soul, and body.

About six years ago I completed what has become known as “100 Days of Consecration”. It was a wonderful experience but an imbalanced one. I was focusing only on the up-building of my spirit man. The Lord gave me solutions to physical problems but no answers. What I mean is that He gave me specific instructions to do certain things with my diet. His instructions solved a number of physical ailments but because He did not force me to seek out the solution on my own I lacked understanding of what I was doing.

For that season of my life the focus was spiritual. God knew that my body would not survive the type of fasting that I did for the length of time that I did it if I did not cleanse myself internally. Yet at the same time, He knew that I would get distracted and obsessed with the physical and practical elements of what I was doing if I really began to study the body. Therefore He simply told me what to do (in terms of juicing, diet, etcetera) without telling me why I was doing it, in order that I might focus on the more advantageous spiritual pursuits.

It was a spiritual success indeed. I also benefited greatly in my body. However after all of my physical cleansing, it did not take long for me to return to my unhealthy diet that was centered on meat, dairy and sugar. Over time I experienced a lot of sickness, which in turn depleted my physical strength, which in turn affected my prayer life, with in turn caused me to digress spiritually! You see, what I did with my body ultimately affected the condition of my spirit. It saddens me that more Christian people don’t acknowledge the triune nature of their existence. We are spirit, soul and body; until we begin to give due reverence to this truth it is foolish for us to expect to truly live the abundant life that has been promised us.

I know this and have known it for several years now, but to all those of you that have an ear please hear what I am saying, “REVELATION IS NOT NECESSARILY APPLICATION”. We can receive a powerful revelation from Adonai (God); we can preach that revelation at 100 conferences; we can write a series of books on that revelation; we can become life coaches that train others to live in that revelation; and yet still not apply that revelation in our lives!!! We have all seen this as some of the greatest preachers of our time fall victim to the very trap that they preach about the most.

Receiving a revelation about something and having the wisdom and the willingness to apply that revelation are two different things all together. Now notice that I said the wisdom and the willingness. If we are willing The Lord will supply the wisdom. He makes this clear in His word,If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. (James 1:5, NIV) Therefore, when we fail to apply revelatory truth it is never because Yahweh (God) is unwilling to supply the wisdom to us. It is instead because we are unwilling to apply the wisdom either due to a conflict with our own self-will or due to the fact that we lack the faith to believe that the application will work.

In my case it was a combination of both that prevented me from having a willing heart. On the one hand I could not see myself living without the pleasure of my favorite foods. I mean I literally had a love affair with food. To look at me you would never know it because I have always been very slender and well-toned. I looked as if I took great care of my body, but I didn’t. I was in love with food. Sitting down to my favorite food or dessert was absolutely euphoric for me. It was just as climatic as having sex. It was second only to the joy of deep worship.

On the second hand was my lack of faith. I did not believe that I would be able to sustain a healthy diet due to lack of finances. Organic foods and supplements are expensive and I have spent the majority of my life in poverty. But it’s that old proverbial decision to bury the one talent because you don’t have five or ten (See Mat 25:14-29). We as people have such a tendency to do nothing when we can’t do everything – especially extremist people like me who are driven toward perfection. That unwillingness to work with one talent — or in other words work with the little bit that we have — is really a wickedness of heart. What we are saying to the Lord is that we are ungrateful for what He has given us and unwilling to serve Him in that area of our lives until He makes it convenient for us! Now that is an ugly truth that I hate to face, but I have to take us there because the truth will make us free!

So… what did the Lord do? He allowed sickness to provoke me to seek Him not for a solution, but instead an answer. I and my family were sick, and praying for healing was not working. I knew deep in my heart why it was not working – we weren’t eating a healthy diet. I didn’t want to face that truth though. I wanted the spiritual laws to cancel out the natural laws. Isn’t that what so many of us want? We want to be able to pray for what we need and see it “magically” come to pass in our lives without having to implement any practical steps or exert any physical labor! I wanted to eat cake, candy and cookies all week long; eat pork, fried chicken and shrimp; drink coffee, soda and kook-aid; eat ice-cream, cheese, and pudding; and then pray for divine healing when my diet resulted in sickness!

Natural laws govern the natural things while spiritual laws govern the spiritual things and one does not cancel out the other. I’ll prove it to you in Genesis 8:22 “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.Adonai is talking about His commitment to honor the natural laws that govern His creation. What we plant in our lives is what will grow up for us to harvest; you reap what you sow – end of story! We cannot pray away the consequences of our actions. We can only change our actions to get different consequences.

Here is where it all comes together though, in the understanding that the condition of our physical body has a direct bearing on our ability to function spiritually and soulfully, and vice versa, vice versa. Negative emotions in your soul can cause you to become physically sick in your body. Wickedness in your heart can cause you to become emotionally sick in your soul. I think we get this for the most part. But then, why is it so hard for us to understand that physical weakness can make us spiritually and/or emotionally sick?

Just a few examples: when you are sick and you pray for healing declaring “by His stripes I am healed” and yet don’t receive healing, doesn’t it shake your faith? Sickness is physical but faith is spiritual. Another example: when you are physically exhausted and receive that early morning call in the spirit to pray don’t you most often roll over and go back to sleep? Tiredness is physical but to ignore God’s mandate to pray is sin which becomes spiritual. Just think about it for a moment, I am sure you can come up with some examples of your own.

Well, this is it for me. It is time for me to take accountability for what I know and have failed to apply; for what I don’t know and have failed to learn; and the consequences of both. I want to recapture the health that I have lost so that I can in turn recapture the spiritual aptitude that I’ve lost and the positive attitude that I’ve lost. The constant migraines that I have suffered and extreme exhaustion that I bear have had a negative impact on every area and relationship in my life. Furthermore, I’d have to admit that often times sleep and food have taken Yahweh’s place on the throne of my heart.

Dear Father please forgive me for allowing idols to be in my life. You have not been first. Only you can count the number of times I have disobeyed Your mandates so I could eat or sleep. I am asking You to wipe my record clean now Yahweh. Throw my sins into the sea of forgetfulness and help me start anew. I am ready, willing and able now to apply what You have revealed to me. I pray for Your grace to complete this mission, this 40 day fast that I believe you are requiring of me as Your Prophet to the Body of Christ for this hour. I want my life to be a reflection of Who You are. I want my works for Your Kingdom to be effective to the utmost. May this journey help not only me, but those who will read about it as well so that Your name may be glorified and Your Body equipped to reveal Your glory in the earth. In the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus), my Lord and Savior… I said my LORD and Savior… Amen.

Read the next entry to understand exactly what I am doing…

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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