My Master Cleanse Experience: Understanding what I am doing

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(If you have not already please read the first entry in this series before you read this one.)

The Master Cleanse was developed many decades ago in the early 1900’s by a man named Stanley Burroughs. I never heard of it until recently when a friend of mine posted a comment on her Facebook page about “the cleansing” she was doing. Since I was about to embark on a fast myself, I was interested in what she was doing. She directed me to which first introduced me to “The Master Cleanse”.

I actually have been reading a number of different books trying to come up with a plan that would help people totally transform themselves spirit, soul and body. I excel in many things spiritually and soulfully but it is physically that I suffer the most and where I lack knowledge. So my studies were focused on studying detoxing and diet so I could help my husband teach his congregation from THE CHURCH on the Phone about the proper way to fast. I planned on participating in this fast so it of course was going to help me too.

This is when the Lord led me to get out my old notes from “The 100 Days of Consecration” that I had done six years earlier. I typed it all out and presented it to the church. It is a good format but it was sorely imbalanced. I didn’t know nearly enough about diet and detox to really teach them how to maximize the benefit of what we were doing. So I began to research every source I could get my hands on.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that people don’t like to change their diet. I sensed a lot of resistance from the church. It was really starting to wear on me. Every time I taught on it, it seemed as if they were not listening or didn’t care. I would give instructions that were never followed. I set up a support blog and a website so we could all encourage and help each other and not a single person commented on the blog.

I was very discouraged. To add to that frustration; we were on food stamps at the time and the local office had haphazardly closed our case due to their own error. Losing our food stamps was a tremendous challenge because we got about $1,500 per month and we were in a real financial strain at that time. It was so hard to buy the healthy foods that we needed. If it had not been for the fact that I had made myself the “team captain” for The 100 Days of Consecration, I would have given up on the fast. It was only my sense of responsibility that kept me in the fight.

Then a shift took place. My frustration over the lack of participation from the church disciples along with the detox process itself brought on extreme depression. You know the Bible says that “the joy of the Lord is our strength (Neh 8:10).” Without joy we will not have strength. In my state of depression I was not going to make it through 1 more day, yet alone 100. I had to break away from helping the church. I had given them all of the information and they had my husband to lead them, but I had to go in for myself at that point.

Besides, I had completed the 100 day program before and it is really not something that is designed for people to do twice. I had initially named it “The Last Consecration That You’ll Ever Need To Go On”. This is because the whole point of the 100 days program is to launch you into a lifestyle of consecration instead of a season. (You can download this program on my website Look for “The Revolution” link. It’s a great program). At any rate, what I was looking for was much deeper than what I was trying to walk them through.

I truly believe that every Christian that has a dynamic call on their lives needs to complete a 40 day, no food fast at least once during their life-time. This is what I was really looking for – 40 days to a more powerful and spiritually connected me. However, I still wanted to ensure that my body would be cleansed and healed during the process.

Then a breakthrough came – our food stamps! It was almost as good as winning the lotto at that time. Those food stamps represented the freedom for me to purchase the right foods to complete my cleansing.  I could shop with liberty because we got three months worth at once. Many times those stamps had been used for sweets and sodas and chips and other life-robbing foods. Yet this time, I would shop to the glory of God in order to at last offer up my body up as a living sacrifice – including my appetite.

Anyway to shorten the story and get to the point, I tried a number of different things that were not really working. I had a strong leading in my spirit to go back to the master cleanse website and use it for my 40 day fasting and cleansing program. So that is what I did, and I know that it is going to be a huge success because The Lord led me this way. I cannot fail at something that He has called me to do!

If you are thinking about doing The Master Cleanse, I suggest you purchase Mr. Burroughs book “The Master Cleanser”. It explains everything. But just to give you the sum of it all, it is a 10 to 40 day program of no food consumption. You only in-take liquids: a special lemon juice mixture, certain herbal teas, and a salt water solution that causes you to eliminate feces. The Master Cleanse it designed for physical purposes only and in and of itself will yield no amazing change in your spiritual life. Most people only stay on it for the minimum of 10 days, but for me it truly will be “The Master Cleanse” of my spirit, soul and body. You need to check out my 100 day program if you want to understand the spiritual aspect of what I am doing and embark on a 40 day fast for yourself.

What you are about to read below is a journal of my 40 day fasting experience: spirit, soul and body. I also discuss the practical and detox elements of it as well as human influence for the total edification of your triune being. You will see the headings below. They are really self-explanatory. You will learn a lot as you read through each day of my experience and it will help prepare you for your own experience if that is your desire.

Read the next entry to see how day 1 went…

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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