My Master Cleanse Experience – Day 1: Saturday October 3, 2009

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(If you have not already please read the first entry in this series before reading this one)

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I feel excited but nervous. I am doing this for health reasons and spiritual reasons. I am a preacher. I want to be more effective for God’s use and I know in order to do that I have to stop allowing food to rule over me and give God control of every area of my life. I also have spent a great deal of my life battling chronic illness from childhood. I have taken tons of medications and been hospitalized more than most people ever will. I know my body is toxic and I want it clean again! I want my energy and pain-free body back. I want my clarity of mind and strength to pray all night like I used to be able to do.

The Personal Goal

It being Sabbath today my greatest goal today is to truly enjoy the Sabbath. I “observe” the Sabbath faithfully but would have to admit that I don’t always enjoy that observance. I struggle “seeing” it as a special day because my tasks and chores don’t change. The duties of wifedom and motherhood are all-consuming just as on any other day. The greatest pull on me in terms of this is really my husband. He observes Sabbath with us but he has never embraced the “specialness” of Sabbath. When I first began the observance he worked on the weekends and it was an absolutely wonderful experience for me and our children. We prayed so hard for Dad to be released from his weekend job so he could “celebrate” with us. Our prayer of release was answered but I have to admit that his presence here on the weekends has really put a damper on our Sabbath joy. Father I pray for your wisdom on how to overcome this challenge.

The Body

I get headaches and sinus infections very frequently. I also have flare ups of Lupus several times a year that seem to be getting more frequent. I woke up this morning full of phlegm after going to sleep with a migraine. Upon awakening I felt stiff as usual, especially my hands. I am only 34 years old. I don’t want to have arthritis or deteriorate physically in my body anymore and want to regain what I’ve lost.

I don’t need to lose weight – as a matter of fact I am concerned about losing weight.  When I last weighed myself in August I was 117 pounds which is perfect for me. However I have already been cleansing for the past 30 days on veggie juices and other healthy foods, so I have already lost some weight. I will try to weigh myself somewhere today on day 1 so I can keep track of my weight.

The Juice

There is some labor involved with this fast too, so I want to keep track of how this part goes as well. Most of the work comes with making the lemon juice mixture. I have not made the lemonade yet for today because I just finished my (well I’m actually still on the toilet, LOL) salt water flush (SWF). (This is a mixture of 4 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of salt that must be drank quickly, and subsequently produces immediate bowel elimination.) However I would like to share something about the process of shopping for the ingredients. I heard it was tough to find the grade B maple syrup that’s needed. I did a search On-line to find out if I had a “Whole Foods” supermarket near me. I found one close by and they have tons of it! As a matter of fact everything I need for the cleanse is right there in the store… and everything I want to eat when I come off of it. It’s an amazing place. You should really check to see if there is one near you. I’ll let you know tomorrow what it was like to actually make the juice.

The Detox Process

First word that comes to mind about the SWF is “YUK!” The SWF is the first thing I did this morning and it was gross in every since of the word — from tasting it; to finishing it; to what came out of my body; to how long it took to get it out! I am still on the toilet as a matter of fact. It’s been nearly an hour now. It took me 20 minutes just to drink it. I left a swig in the bottom. I just could not take anymore. I nearly vomited. My body was really rejecting it. I may try just 3 cups tomorrow instead of 4 (1 Qt). BTW (by the way) I used uniodized sea salt made by Hain. It’s cheap and looks just like regular table salt. It did its job!

The Human Influencers

I know the people around me will have an effect on me during this abnormal period of my life. The first influence was a good one. While I was shopping for the ingredients, I ran into a lady that had already done The Master Cleanse. When she saw me asking for grade B maple syrup, she guessed that I was doing the cleanse and began to give me advice. She gave me the best piece of advice that I can give anyone: get Stanley Burroughs book, “The Master Cleanser”. He is the originator of this cleanse and the book was beyond illuminating. I don’t even know how to describe how I felt reading that book other than to say it was supernatural. I feel like it transported me into another dimension of understanding and success. That is the best support you can get – direct mentorship from the creator of this master plan.

The Spirit

I felt good spiritually today. I have wanted to undertake this challenge of a 40 day fast for a long time – about the past six years I’d say, but the unction really got strong over the last year. I wanted to go to fellowship this morning at a different church but the SWF and lemonade prep took way longer than I thought so I didn’t make it. My greatest challenge I believe will be maximizing the spiritual benefits of this cleanse by making prayer, worship and study time a priority. I did OK with that today. I read my Bible and prayed but with these 6 children here — Lord help me… LOL.

The Daily Grind

Even though I am on this 40 day fast, life in the Haniah Household goes on. It was a very easy going day today. I arose and took care of my SWF business. Then, I multi-tasked between making my lemonade mixture and fixing breakfast for the children. My husband usually sleeps late on Saturdays because it is the only day that he does not lead service for THE CHURCH  on the Phone. Breakfast was simple, berries and cereal. I am trying to get my children used to eating fresh fruit and water for breakfast. We used to eat a lot of garbage such as pancakes, waffles, or sweet cereals. They like fruit though so it wasn’t too bad.

In the afternoon I left the house to try to find some natural soaps and a body brush. I found something good at Bath and Body Works. Then I bought a scale and some other stuff. I didn’t return home until around the children’s bedtime. Dad had them all taken care of so I just spent a little time with them and then exercised on my new trampoline.

My husband is an awesome Father. He is very involved with the household chores and labor of raising the children. I tried to spend a little time with Emmanuel after they went to bed, but he was in a sour mood. I am praying for him. He is in an emotional struggle right now; I believe due to our financial deficit. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better tomorrow. He is such an awesome father and husband, it hurts me to see him down. Father please lift Emmanuel’s spirit, in Yeshua’s name.

It’s been a pretty good day. I am really glad that I chose to do this. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I enjoyed Sabbath more than I have in a long time and that is good. I spent all morning and early afternoon researching sweeteners. I want to know what I can do to feed my family healthier meals and myself once this is over. I found out that stevia and xylitol are the best natural sweeteners for drinks, oatmeal, cereal and such. However for cooking agave or maple syrup would be a better choice. There is a little debate over the practices used to process agave. I think that goes with all natural and organic foods so I can’t stress over that. However, if you want to get the best brand look up Xgave. They seem to offer the best guarantees.

The Daily Reflection

People have a love affair with ignorance because they hate the challenge of change.  I can remember my Mom trying to get me to read a book on healthy diet 2 years ago. I looked at her like she was crazy because I knew once I gained the knowledge in the book I would be challenged to change. But you know what? When you don’t allow knowledge to change you, adversity often will. Then change that could have been implemented out of desire will be implemented out of crisis.

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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