My Master Cleanse Experience – Day 2: Sunday October 4, 2009

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The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I feel good this morning. I used aromatherapy before I went to bed last night with a body wash and lotion that I got from Bath and Body Works called Detox While You Sleep. It really did seem to help me sleep much more restfully. I certainly have a sense of accomplishment knowing I successfully made it through the day yesterday and an excitement about conquering today. My greatest concern is the SWF for this morning.  I am trying to be positive about it but… ughhh…. It’s just so hard. I’m ready though, I still feel really ready to take this all the way – Thank you Yeshua (Jesus)!

The Personal Goal

I really want to get something cleaned up in my house today. My house was absolutely immaculate a few months ago. Then my family suffered a tragedy when one of my young children was a victim of a violent crime at the same time that my oldest son suffered a mental breakdown and was placed in foster care by CPS for our good and for his. I got really depressed. I lost my strength. I nearly had a nervous breakdown myself. I actually checked myself into a mental hospital on July 13, 2009. But when I saw all the truly crazy  people there, I asked my husband to come get me. I came to my senses and went back to my source – Yahweh My Heavenly Father. At any rate though, my house has been an absolute mess ever since and I just can’t seem to catch up. I need to just start with something though!

The Body

I woke up this morning feeling stiff as usual, but not quite as stiff as yesterday. My muscles were sore from working out last night on a mini-trampoline (also known as a lymphasizer or rebounder). I was surprised to see that my tongue was already coated by yesterday evening. From what I understand that’s one of the signs that the detox is working. The weight loss is crazy. I weighed myself in the store and was 113.8, by the time I got home I had lost 8oz. then I weighed myself again after my shower before bed and I was 111.8. This morning right out of bed 111.6; and after dumping my morning urine 111.2. I hope this slows down. I don’t want to be in the 90’s like I was when I detoxed 6 years ago. 113-118 is my ideal weight range. Mr. Burroughs said you can add extra maple syrup or take more of the drink if you want to keep your weight up, but I barely made it through drinking 2 liters yesterday.

The Juice

I made my first batch of lemonade as soon as I finally made it off of the toilet after the SWF yesterday. It took me an hour to make the first batch. I used the recipe in Burroughs book that I mentioned earlier. There are a bunch of different variations out there, but him being the originator of this cleanse I wanted to try his exact recipe first. He suggests that we drink 6-12 glasses daily. Thus I made enough for 12 glasses… I thought. When I mixed enough water, lemon juice and maple syrup for 12 individual servings together it actually amounted to just a little over 1 gallon (4oz over to be exact). Yowza! That was way too much for one day. I hardly made it through drinking 2 QTS. So, even though Burroughs says not to, I’ll be drinking leftovers from yesterday for today. With that maple syrup costing me $30 a bottle, I’m just not willing to waste it; and since I am going 40 days I don’t think one day of leftovers is going to hurt.

Just a tip, the lemons are the healthiest when first juiced so if you can, make one cup at a time. If you do choose to make a big batch you should drink it within 24hrs. The lemons lose their nutrients after that time. Also, you want to store the mix in an airtight, opaque (non-see-through) container because the phytonutrients in the lemons — or all fruits and veggies for that matter — are sensitive to light.

The Detox Process

I fought a good fight… but I lost. The SWF was a wash this morning… well not literally. It didn’t wash because I couldn’t keep it down. I vomited it all up. I tried to cheat. I am not good at drinking big cups of liquid. That was really brutal for me yesterday. So I figured I could drink some plain water first, then put all of my salt in 8oz of water and guzzle that down and chase it down with another 8oz of plain water. Well I immediately became nauseous. I was burping and really struggling to keep it all down. I used aromatherapy to help me, and for 5 minutes I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. Then it all settled down and I thought I was OK so I got up and brushed my teeth. What did I go and do that for?!! That did it – right after I brushed my teeth I sat on the toilet and eliminated a little bit, it was starting to flush but then it just all came out the way it went in – through my mouth!

I really needed to eliminate and could not bear to drink any more salt water so I resorted to a tried and true method for me, an enema. I used Epsom salt in it for the detoxifying effect. I was really pleased with the results of the enema. Well, other than the fact that I didn’t quite make it to the toilet before it all came splatting out – yuk! Between the vomit and the missed toilet I really made a mess in the bathroom, it wasn’t a great way to start the day. Sigh…I’ll try again tomorrow folks.

The Human Influencers

I am doing this all by myself right now. My husband wanted to join me because he knows what I am doing, but I haven’t told him yet that I plan on doing this for 40 days. I didn’t want him to make any dissuading comments such as “You sure you want to do that?” I know he will support me but he is protective of me as well and doesn’t like for me to do hard things. Also, me fasting for 40 days could mean a lot more strain on him in the home so I wonder if he might try to deter me. I will have to tell him soon but at least for the first 2 weeks or so I can conceal the fullness of my plan. I hope I will have convinced him by then that I can handle this and that I am not going to abandon my household duties and thereby gain his encouragement. I won’t be able to continue if I don’t have his blessing because I do believe in the husband being the head.

The Spirit

I made significant progress today spiritually. I spent much more time in prayer. I also was blessed to be able to go to a fellowship tonight and I had a chance to share my burdens with a friend. Talking to my friend really helped me. There was much on my heart and her ear helped me to sort it all out. The lighter my load the faster I can travel! It was a good spiritual day.

The Daily Grind

Today was very challenging. We only have two bathrooms in the house. The one in my master bedroom is out of order so we really only have one now. While I was in the bathroom nearly an hour and a half going through my SWF drama, the kids desperately needed to pee. I promised them each a quarter if they would drink 6 glasses of water today. So come to find out, they were all racing to drink it down while I was in the bathroom. One of them threw up twice from drinking too much, LOL. Then they all decided to pee outside in the backyard!

My husband was pretty cranky, that was a drag. The Bible says that “the joy of the Lord is our strength”. I have to keep my joy high if I expect to make it through this successfully. Therefore, I just tried to avoid him as best as I could and help him when I was around him.

Making dinner was a breeze. I made some delicious (it smelled so anyway) black bean fish stew and fried plantain. I fried it in coconut oil which is extremely healthy for the body as long as you keep it below medium-high heat. I had no temptation to eat and I didn’t feel weak even though the food smelled great. Surprisingly all but 2 of my children gobbled it up and wanted seconds! That really made me jealous because for them to eat it like that it had to be good. One of them threw it up though. LOL, it was the throw up day around here!

I felt really sleepy today and did not manage to clean a darn thing. I had to wash my daughter’s hair which is rather long, so that’s always a process. After that and dinner and updating this journal, which is very time-consuming by the way, I left to go to a fellowship where I am learning about the Hebraic roots of Christianity. I didn’t get home until 1am as Yahweh blessed me with the opportunity to sit with a friend of mine who is a marriage counselor. I wanted to speak with her about Emmanuel. We love each other dearly but his inconsistency in temperament has really been wearing on me lately. She really helped me a lot.

Anyway, I’ll know I’ll be waking up late tomorrow because it is 2:40AM right now! I hope I get something cleaned tomorrow… but I don’t know. I have six heads to do tomorrow to get the children ready for school on Tuesday. They have tomorrow off.

The Daily Reflection

Human will is so powerful. When I think of all the times I could not last in a fast until even 12 noon compared to the ease of this so far I know there is only one difference. The difference is my will. I really want to do this. Strong desire births determination and determination minimizes the pain that comes along with our struggle to succeed in our endeavors. Our will births the ability to succeed.

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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