My Master Cleanse Experience – Day 3: Monday October 5, 2009

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The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I feel numb this morning. It’s 9:43AM and I am really sleepy. I went to bed late and did not sleep well once I was in the bed. I am really not looking forward to SWF this morning. That seems to be the first thing I think of when I wake up and I don’t like that. My mind is fuzzy, my emotions are numb but my will is still strong. In the essence of my heart I feel a joy and excitement about completing another day. Beneath the numbness I am looking forward to this challenge and ready to arise and conquer. Now how I am going to wake my sleepy mind without coffee or food – hmmmm… That’s a good question for which I have no answer.

The Personal Goal

I don’t think I want to make cleaning a personal goal for today because I have so much to do with my children’s hair. I have to get all six of them ready for school tomorrow and then go to Hebrew Roots class tonight in Red Oak, TX. I am also hoping to go walking today; I need to go shopping and I want to take a nap. So my personal goal for today is to get in bed early. I want to go to bed as soon as I get home from fellowship and be ready to join back in with THE CHURCH on the Phone in the morning at 4:00am. One of the disciples called to check on me today and that made me feel really good. I have been gone for about 10 days now. I know that must be wondering what happened to m. I am really not cut out for this daily pasturing thing. Preach and go – that’s what I’m called to do!

The Body

Still stiff this morning but it seemed better than yesterday. The lupus causes low grade fevers and I was in a “flare-up” when I started this cleanse. I had a fever ranging between 99.5 and 101 daily for about 6 weeks. Yesterday and today I have remained fever free! Lupus is incurable, but I believe almost every disease can be cured with proper cleansing and a healthy life-style.

My weight dropped down to 110 yesterday afternoon, but by evening it had gone back up to 111. I drank a full 12 cups (48oz) yesterday. I also had two cups of laxative tea, 1 cup of peppermint tea, a cup of chamomile tea (all without sweetner of course), and 4 cups of water. Wow! That’s a lot of drinking.

My energy level was really good. I haven’t had any problems other than feeling really shaky when I first get up and finish the SWF. I have been really sleepy though. It’s been tough to concentrate on my work and studies. My brain seems foggy.

The Juice

Yesterday I drank leftovers. They tasted fine. I didn’t notice any major difference and my energy was fine. Today I had to make a fresh batch and I have to say I missed the convenience of just grabbing an already prepared jug out of the fridge. I wanted to go for just two cups at a time today to aim for fresher juice but I still made too much. I used 2 lemons and 20oz of water and 4TBS of maple and that made 3 and ½ cups (28oz) and about a ¼ tsp of cayenne. Maybe for tomorrow I’ll just try the recipe that is on the master cleanse website.   I am going to make it tonight though right before bed. Then I will be able to finish it within 24hrs tomorrow so it will still be potent.

The Detox Process

I have good news about SWF today! Well first and foremost I didn’t throw up, LOL. Secondly it worked. I made some adjustments. I tried 3 cups of water with 1 tsp of salt this time. I also mixed it up last night and put it in the fridge so it would be chilled. My stomach was much more receptive of it as a cold drink. Now granted — cold water is not really good for your colon. Any cold drink causes the tiny hairs that help push waste through your colon to lie down flat, and thereby inactivate them. However, I was desperate to make it successfully through this SWF today and so I took a risk and it paid off this time. It took a lot longer for me to eliminate though. With the reduced salt amount it didn’t work as quickly. Since the chilled water didn’t effect the movement and made it more drinkable I will try 1 ½ teaspoons tomorrow to see if I can finish eliminating a little faster. I don’t want to spend two hours crapping every morning, LOL!

On another note, I experienced painful violent cramping in my stomach yesterday all throughout the day and as I tried to sleep. I had diarrhea all day. It was very unpleasant. I think it is a result of the laxative tea. I am using Dieter’s Tea. I am going to try a different brand because that was rough.

The Human Influencers

The Lord blessed me today! Today in the kitchen my husband led the children in a chant, “Mommy is great, Mommy is great…” Then he came to me later and had a heart-felt talk with me that began with an apology for his cranky attitude. This was such a blessing. I was really praying for him last night because I was really growing concerned for him and for us. I love my husband so much. We are best friends and his support means everything to me so this talk with him really strengthened me emotionally.

The Spirit

I felt somewhat numb today in all aspects. Yahweh did bless me with a late evening phone call from a preacher friend of mine. She and I had wonderful prayer together. Other than that I didn’t do much of anything today. I was just really tired all day. I felt a sense of disconnect. I have to mark today as a huge spiritual victory though because a major prayer was answered. My husband’s spirit was lifted today and we had a chance to enjoy fellowship with one another like what is normal for us. Thank you Yeshua!

The Daily Grind

OK, this is not my day to shine. It is only 6pm and I am in bed. I feel so weak right now. I heard the third day was the hardest. I don’t know if that is why I am so weak or because I did my drinking differently today. On the first two days I drank throughout the day, but today I became distracted and went about two hours without drinking the lemonade. Then I had to make it because I had none prepared. That was tough.

Well I got my daughter’s hair finished (yesterday I washed but today I had to style it). I didn’t do any of the boys hair or the two little girls. I am so glad dinner is cooked because I am just too weak to do anything. It’s late in the evening and I haven’t even had 6 cups of lemonade today. I think that is part of the problem. Making one cup at a time is certainly not going to work out for me. My life is much too busy to stop and make juice all day long.

Anyway, I had to cancel my plans to go fellowship tonight at church. I am just going to stay here in bed. I am detoxing and I need some rest. I pray for more strength tomorrow because I have to finish what I didn’t do today. Also, I was supposed to get an invoice to one of my clients today and I didn’t do that either. So – I just altogether failed in my daily grind duties today! On the plus side my goal today was to get in bed early, LOL.

*Update* It’s 10:52 and I am still awake! So scratch me reaching my personal goal for today. I haven’t even made my juice or salt water for tomorrow. I don’t know if I will wake up in time for Church on the Phone in the morning. I really need to regain my strength and get some sleep. We’ll see…

The Daily Reflection

It’s never good to make decisions when you are in a heightened emotional state. You are sure to make mistakes. Wisdom has taught me to be quiet and still and let God work on things. Yesterday I was thinking about how I could work out sending my husband away for about a year because the tension was so thick. Today, I am again filled with my wifely joy and knowing that I could never live without him that long.

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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