My Master Cleanse Experience — Day 5: Wednesday October 7, 2009

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The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

My first thought this morning was “OMG, I don’t want to get up…” LOL. I am really sleepy today. I didn’t go to bed until 1:30AM my alarm woke me at 3:30 for THE CHURCH on the Phone. I went back to sleep but I still had to get up by 6:30 so I could have bible study and prayer with my babies before school. But I still feel charged to go forward today. I’m looking forward to another great experience!

The Personal Goal

I have a lot to do today so I’m not really sure how to set this goal. I have the privilege of meeting with the Apostle that has been teaching the classes that I’ve been going to. I am going to see her in a bit and I have to go grocery shopping and I definitely want to get some exercise in and do my baby girl’s hair. Ok, well I guess I just set my goals, LOL – shopping, exercise and one head. OH, and I definitely must get the invoice out!

The Body

My body felt strong this morning. Even though I was sleepy I felt energetic. My muscles are really sore from the vigorous workout yesterday but that is always a good thing. I felt dizzy this morning. That wasn’t good and I am still experience really severe gas in the evenings and overnight. The gas in my tummy rumbles so loudly that it woke my husband when I got in bed last night and he can sleep through anything! The gas doesn’t pass it just moves around in my stomach. It is very uncomfortable. I am going to try and do some research to find out how I can help this.

The Juice

I was too sleepy to make my juice last night or my salt water. This was not the morning to be messing around in the kitchen mixing concoctions. I had that important meeting today so I was glad that I had made the conversion chart the other night. I knew just what I needed to make the amount of juice I wanted. Unfortunately a last minute call informed me that I was way behind schedule so I couldn’t even make what I wanted to make. But guess what, at the end of the day it didn’t even matter because I never even finished drinking what I made today so had I made more it would have been wasted!

The Detox Process

I didn’t have any time to be mucking around with SWF this morning, LOL. I needed it to work and work quickly because I had to go somewhere early. It went fine. It just takes so darn long to drink all of that liquid – 20 minutes to finish the drink and the movement usually starts right before I finish it all. I drank quickly this morning and I got dizzy but other than that it went fine. I used the same formula as yesterday – the juice of one lemon, 2 tsp of salt and nice cold water. The SWF pushes out the gas that builds up overnight so that’s good and I am noticing that the last movements of SWF are much clearer than the first. I really am getting clean inside!

The Human Influencers

Today someone responded to my blog journal about this experience that I am going through. That was really encouraging. Another one of the disciples from THE CHURCH on the Phone contacted me too and wanted to know why I have not been on. They really miss me. I have to get back on! My husband was supportive as he usually is. He supports anything that I want to do. He is really impressed with my energy levels and that makes me feel good. My children are amazed too, LOL. They can’t imagine not eating for 10 days — wait until they find out it’s really 40!

The Spirit

Today was – as they say in the ghetto – a’ight. LOL, that just means it was ok. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad; it was just ok. I missed one of my prayer times today. I have my calendar on my Blackberry set to remind me but it doesn’t sound an alarm. Therefore, if I am not actually looking at the screen I won’t remember the reminder, lol. That prayer really made a difference yesterday. I need this time of fasting to be spiritual or it won’t matter. I want to do better tomorrow.

The Daily Grind

OK, today was absolute madness to me. I was running and rushing from the time I woke up this morning and even until right now. I didn’t have any of my mixtures prepared this morning because I went to bed so late last night. Right after SWF I had to rush out of the house to go buy some luggage for the preacher lady that I mentioned and had to get it over to her before her flight left. There was very little time and my heart rate was up the entire time.

I can’t even get into all of the tedious details of it, but there were missed exits and wrong turns and… It was hectic but by some miracle she made her plane, LOL. Then I came back home to take care of my clientele work, exercise for a few minutes (and I do mean a few) and it was right back out the door to go grocery shopping. $600 later I was back at home to chaos and disorder in the kitchen. Thus another two hours trying to put everything away.

Wow, what a different day than yesterday. But, I did meet my personal goals and I actually got some cleaning done in the kitchen. I am exhausted though. I am not being fair to my body. I really need to allow it to have more rest. Please help me Lord.

The Daily Reflection

Let your plans be like a palm tree, able to withstand the winds of change and yet still remain intact! My day didn’t go as planned, but my purpose was still fulfilled. Sometimes you just have to let life happen and enjoy.

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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