My Master Cleanse Experiene – Day 10: Monday October 12, 2009

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The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

Wow, it is day ten. As each day goes by I wake up more amazed. I can’t believe the strength that I have had to get through this. This morning, I wake up with a renewed since of peace. Just knowing that I have brought order to my room is very refreshing. That sense of dread about getting out of bed is gone. I won’t trip over anything; I won’t have to dig through a pile of clothes to find my slipper, LOL. It seems as the fast progresses so do I. I am accomplishing things that I couldn’t even do before I was fasting!

The Personal Goal

Yesterday I was so consumed with cleaning that I did not study at all and prayed very little. Therefore, at the top of my agenda today is to get in some quality prayer and study time. I will also be diligent to maintain the order that has been created in my room.  I neglected my children’s hair yesterday and some administrative work that needed to be done. So I don’t think I will clean anything new today, but to maintain what I’ve done will be sufficient as I try to catch up on some other things that were neglected yesterday.

The Body

My body feels very weak this morning. I had a throbbing headache upon awakening. As usual, I went to bed very late (around 2am). I tried to get up at 3:30am for THE CHURCH on the Phone, but I just didn’t think it was a good idea. I was weak, exhausted and in pain and thought it would be wise to get more rest than one and half hours. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in last night after cleaning all day. My left knee was swollen and my back and hips ached.

The thrush is getting so bad. My mouth looks very unappealing inside and is very achy. It is making it hard to drink my juice. I started Nystatin last night but I only have a little bit. That is prescription med and I cannot afford a trip to the doctor right to get more. What I am using is left over from a previous infection. Oh God please help me!

The Juice

I didn’t make juice today. I sipped on juice that I had left over from last night. I just haven’t had the strength in the morning to make it. I am waking up so late that after I do SWF it is 11 or 12 before I take a sip of juice. As a result I have not been drinking as much juice for the course of the day and I have lost weight. I lost three pounds and am down to 108! That’s not good. I really have to try and get more juice in. Another factor is the thrush mouth though. My mouth hurts and I don’t want to drink.

The Detox Process

Interestingly enough, I woke up this morning and eliminated without doing anything. I did not drink any laxative tea last night nor did I do SWF this morning. I don’t know why I suddenly had to eliminate on my own but since I did I just chose not to do SWF. Instead I did an enema. It was a struggle. It seemed like the water didn’t want to go in. It was like my rectal canal was swollen or something. I did finally finish though and did not feel quite satisfied. My stomach was upset and it seemed like I still needed to eliminate. I really believe this has to do with the Candida.

The Human Influencers

I have met a wonderful influencer. She is another blogger that I came across that just so happened to be in the midst of her own 40 day fast. We have been emailing and blogging each other for the last few days, but today we actually spoke on the phone. You know it is always a little weird speaking to someone on the phone that you met On-line. However there was such a natural flow with her. She is on day six so we are pretty close in days. I am so glad to have someone to share this experience with; I think it is really going to help me.

The Spirit

My spirit feels good today in spite of the many challenges I face physically today. I am growing and I can feel it on the inside and see it on the outside. Positive change is taking place in my life. My son Ja’Keim (the one estranged) called me today. It was so good to hear his voice. Unlike in times past, he was very pleasant. It seems that this fasting is bringing order into many areas of my life.

The Daily Grind

There was not a whole lot of grind today. I took it very easy. I spent a lot of time in deep, quality prayer today and study. I certainly met that goal. I did not get any administrative work done. I had a meeting that I had to cancel for tonight. I didn’t work on my kids’ hair. I was very, VERY weak today. It was pretty bad. Will it be like this for the next 30 days? Yahweh please help me!

I did manage to cook a delicious dinner of fresh steamed spinach, yellow rice and backed chicken. Not only did I have to cook and serve the food but I also had to feed my two youngest. My husband offered to help but I don’t want him to feel like he has to carry my weight during this fast. Besides, I hold myself personally accountable to make sure my children are eating delicious healthy foods during this time (and from now on!) I have been cooking delicious food almost every day, many things that I have never even cooked before. They gobble it up every night. It’s amazing to watch!

The Daily Reflection

Lack of joy can severely undermine the progression of discipline and even bring it to an abrupt end! I can remember how many times during my life that discipline seemed to be my very nature until depression set in. When my joy left so did my desire and strength to live a disciplined life. I guess discipline seems obsolete when pleasure becomes a necessary means of emotional survival and discipline would somehow hinder our chosen vice of said pleasure!

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)


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