40 Days of Fasting – Day 11

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(Please note that at this point the Master Cleanse formula is not my focus anymore. Therefore  I will just use this new title format for the rest of the entries.)

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

How am I feeling today? In a word – blah! This is the worst day that I’ve had so far! I am tired and cranky. I have not been cranky at all until today. It seems like I lost some momentum. It’s like a shift took place in my mind once the 10 day Master Cleanse period ended. I could be finished by now if I had not set a goal of 40 days. Why did I do this???

The Personal Goal

I didn’t set any personal goals today. I got up early and listened in for service on THE CHURCH on the Phone. I thought that would be a good thing but in all honesty I think it was a setback. Oh the service was great, but my body did not respond well to getting up that early. It seemed I spent all day trying to recuperate. I don’t think I am going to try to do service anymore until I start eating again! Anyway, due to waking up so early it threw my schedule off and so I never wrote in my journal this morning to set goals.

The Body

My body, what is wrong with my body? I feel like I am on day one or two. This doesn’t make any sense. It is almost as if the Detox is starting from scratch. I feel terrible. I am very, VERY weak; extremely hungry; I had a terrible headache all day; I have a rash on my face; thrush in my mouth and my breath and feces smell foul (which has not been the case throughout)! Somebody tell me what is going on here!!!

The Juice

Everything was bad today. My husband bought some lemons from a different store. They were still organic but they looked so weird. They were huge like some deformed looking oranges. And guess what? They tasted as bad as they looked. I struggled to drink today. Those lemons were gross. It was like drinking dish soap; that’s what they tasted like, dish soap!

The Detox Process

I trudged my way through SWF this morning. I struggled to drink and the elimination seemed minimal. The thing I noticed most, as I mentioned earlier, is that the feces had an odor to it. That is strange because my feces lost its odor after the 2nd day. My only reasoning for all of these changes going on is that my body is going through a deeper level of detoxing now. Perhaps the first 10 days were just scratching the surface. Lord please give me wisdom. I have to change my program but I don’t know what to do…

The Human Influencers

There were many influencers today, but I think I will write about the most recent. I called a health guru (he calls himself a healing Evangelist actually). He was recommended by a friend for his 31 years of excellent service in the area of helping people get healthy naturally. He really sounds like he knows his stuff but his conversation with me was discouraging. He did everything he could to try and get me to see that I should break this fast! He suggested that I could eat just a little bit and said that God would still be pleased! I didn’t need to hear that.

I am struggling but I need to finish this. This is a personal quest that I am on. God didn’t tell me to do this, I asked Him for the privilege and the strength to do this and I don’t want to back down!

The Spirit

How is my spirit tonight? In a word – determined! I know that God can sustain me. I admit that I am having unexpected and adverse results in my body. However, I don’t want some minor (or even major) inconveniences to turn me back. I know I need to change my program because I do need to come out on the other side healthy and strong, but turning back to food is not the answer.

The Daily Grind

My whole day was a grind today, just my existence on earth was a grind today, LOL. I did manage to do half of one head and half of another. (I guess that makes a whole, but not on one body, LOL). I cooked dinner again and envied my children as they ate, LOL. I prayed throughout the day and I taught bible study tonight on the phone. Other than this though, I didn’t get much done. I struggled to maintain today and fell asleep in the middle of the day.

I blame myself because I wasted time today. I allowed myself to get distracted and I think that was my biggest setback. Someone posted a funny youtube clip on Facebook. The next thing I know, more than 2 hours later I am still on youtube! I know better than this. I can’t afford these kinds of distractions!

The Daily Reflection

Every moment of broken focus today represents a delay somewhere in your future! I broke my focus on this fast today and I suffered for it. It is hard right now and I turned to carnal distractions to help “pass the time”. Big mistake! I must keep my F-O-C-U-S: Fixation On Christ and Ultimate Success!

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

In His Compassion,

Dr. Intimacy (Laneen Haniah)




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  1. Laneen,
    Let me say to the world how sorry I am about that call that you made to the health eveangelist today. I had no idea he would tell you that. I feel really bad about that. Because we need all of the strength (not hinderances) that we can get along this journey. I PRAY THAT YOUR STRENGTH WILL ONLY INCREASE FROM THIS POINT.
    Moving on…
    Today has been okay in most ways. I had my moments of hunger. I have had a couple of cravings. Praying with you earlier today was a real blessing.I heard the Holy Spirit as He ministered through you. Starting the prayer calls each evening was another God-send for me today. It helps me to stay focused as well.
    Each time I think of all of the days ahead I feel a bit overwhelmed—so I’m asking God to help me take this one day at a time. I am still receiving revelation about the message of the evening prayer that promoted ‘PUTTING GOD FIRST’. It’s bigger than even I currently understand.
    It’s pretty late and I’m kinda tired.I don’t have too much to say. My mental energy is waning now. This lemon water does not taste good right now. But I know that I need it.
    Thanks for being a vessel of clay.
    I so look forward to going to sleep tonight. Good night world.
    Love ya much,

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