40 Days of Fasting – Day 15

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Saturday October 17, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I feel really good this morning! I have not woken up feeling “really good” in a few days so this is great. I am very excited about preaching today. I also feel hopeful and encouraged. Also Emmanuel is going to be able to come with me!!! We have someone coming over to watch the children for us. This never happens because we have not found anyone in the last 4 years since we moved to Dallas to be reliable in watching our children. A lady recently moved near us from Florida and she has 7 grandkids and loves children, so she’ll be coming over today for the first time. I am hopeful that this is going to work out because I really love her spirit.

The Personal Goal

I have but one goal today and that is to preach with the power of the Holy Spirit! I want to minister the Word of Life to these young ladies and their mentors and for their lives to be forever changed. I want to be God’s vessel today. I want Him to be heard and seen and not me!

When I get back home I just want to enjoy the rest of Shabbat with my children, relax and do Havdalah again this week (the Sabbath closing ceremony).

The Body

The usual aches and pains this morning; quite honestly it seems as if the severity is increasing daily. In addition to the pain, I had a terrible migraine when I laid down last night and woke up with the same. I have also been experience numbness and tingling in my hands, arms, feet and legs which seems to be getting more frequent and stronger. I feel extremely sleepy and drained. I will really need Yahweh’s power to rise up in my today as I minister. I just don’t have any of my own physical strength to offer.

The Juice

This morning I started off with a disgusting cup of Detox tea. Then I decided to go another route. I have some ganoderma coffee drink here. I’ve had it here for a while. The distributor gave me some free samples and I told him I could not try it until the consecration was over (because I just thought that would be too pleasurable, LOL.) However, he insisted that I must drink it immediately saying that it would only aide my Detox efforts. Supposedly ganoderma is an herb (a fungus specifically) that has amazing healing properties from everything to headaches, to cancer, to lupus, to candida, to allergies… the list goes on and on. I figured since I am feeling no better with what I have been doing; why not give it a try. So we’ll see!

The Detox Process

I am so happy to report that I eliminated twice today on my own! I was so worried that I was going to have to go back to SWF because yesterday I didn’t go all day and I really felt bloated and uncomfortable. It seemed like it would be the same way today, but then things got moving. Prayerfully I will have the same result tomorrow!

The Human Influencers

The people that I preached to were my influencers today! Many, many people came to me after I finished speaking to thank me and tell me how blessed they were. I sold a good number of products too – well for the size of the crowd present it was good. Seeing this positive result after I spoke meant so much to me.

The Spirit

My spirit feels wonderful tonight as I close this day out. It was an accomplished day. We didn’t do Havdalah tonight. I was sooo tired. However we did read some of our scriptures for about an hour. I just feel happy and blessed and close to God.

The Daily Grind

The physical part of ministry was my grind today. Just having to get dressed and leave the house was rough; sitting around waiting to preach once I got there; having to talk to people that I didn’t necessarily enjoy afterward. I actually love speaking to most people after I preach, but every once in a while there is one or two that are just tedious and hard to bear. I had two of those today, LOL.

Emmanuel being with me today was great! However him leaving with me was bad, LOL. What I mean is once we got there I was so glad that he was with me. However, I was really annoyed this morning as we prepared to leave. He caused me to leave very late. It was almost as bad as taking the kids waiting around on him, LOL! I was really glad to have him though. He is awesome and I got to show him off. He is looking great too, on day five of his master cleanse.

The Daily Reflection

Standards should never bend, waver or wobble. That is why they are called STANDards. We ought to STAND firm when it comes to our standards. Today I had to go against the grain. At the youth conference there were other speakers before me, some of whom promoted the use of condoms and birth control for “safe sex”. Being a preacher of the Gospel I had to plainly say when I spoke that I could not promote the use of such agents because the bible says that sex outside of marriage is sin. I went on to say that there is nothing that you can do to “protect” yourself when the hand of God is against you! I am sure that made some in the room upset, but uncompromising STANDards will do that sometimes.


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