40 Days of Fasting – Day 16

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Sunday October 18, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I feel so good this morning! I stayed in bed so late, LOL. I was not sleep the entire time but I just wanted to lie. Yesterday was a very difficult day for me physically. My body really suffered, but my soul and spirit soared. I wake up this morning in the afterglow of it all. One strange thing is that I have been having really weird dreams almost nightly. They are not really nightmares but most do seem to have an unpleasant tone. There is a sense of anxiety in the dreams. Hmmm… What’s this all about?

The Personal Goal

OMG (oh my gosh). I just have so much to do today, an always really. I just am feeling really behind though. A speaking engagement always throws me out of my normal routine. That is why I really appreciate the honorariums that I receive because I truly do lose out on business and income when I have to prepare for these engagements.

Anyway, I must get my oldest daughter’s hair washed today! I am supposed to do it once per week and I never did it last week so it is looking rough. I want to cook a healthy dinner tonight too and read a certain book to the children. I also hope to finish up our scriptures from yesterday and I need to update the calendar on my website.

Wow, that’s a lot and it really is not even the half of what I need to get done, but that will do as goals for today.

The Body

My body felt good this morning! I was so happy when I woke up because I was really getting discouraged about my body. Last night I had a fever of over 100 and just felt generally “yucky”. I don’t know what has caused this dramatic change but I am happy for it. I mean I don’t feel great, but I do notice a significant difference. The only thing different that I did that I can think of is drink the ganoderma and curse sickness. Upon laying down last night and feeling a migraine coming on I just got so frustrated that I said out loud and with sincerity, “I curse this pain in my body! I curse candida. I curse systemic lupus. I curse you at the root and send you back to the pits of hell from whence you came in Yeshua’s name!” I don’t really know what I was expecting; I was just so tired of feeling bad. Was it the prayer or the ganoderma or both working together? I’m not sure I will have to ask the Lord, I just know that I am happy.

The Juice

As with yesterday, I skipped all other “special drinks” today other than the ganoderma coffee drink. I had a dual experience with ganoderma yesterday. First off, the drink tasted great! It was an instant latte powder similar to General Foods International instant coffees. It was indeed pleasurable. Secondly, I noticed an IMMEDIATE change in my body. It was as if I had drunk liquid pain killer. My headache went away, my body stopped aching, I received and energy boost and my mind was more alert. Thirdly though, and this is the other side of it, it made my chest hurt! The distributor assured me that there was no actual coffee in the drink. I was under the impression that I was drinking a “coffee like” drink. But my heart started palpitating so hard that my chest felt like it was going to explode and I was having trouble breathing and I got dizzy!

This surprised me because this is common reaction that I have when I drink coffee on an empty stomach, and I did drink this on a VERY empty stomach – two weeks of empty! I thought to myself, “Surely this drink must be made of real caffeinated coffee!” So I looked it up on the website when I got home and yes indeed it is made of real coffee. This really upset me because I did not want to drink coffee and would have never drunk it on an empty stomach!

Nonetheless, because of the positive experience in my body yesterday (even though I was tricked into drinking it) I decided to drink more to see if I would have the same experience. I of course ate first this time. I had an a half of apple and drank a kefir, soy, and berry smoothie. I forced it all down because my stomach is just really not interested in receiving food right now and I feel full so quickly and for so long after I eat. Anyway, man this is long juice entry, LOL… I did experience the same boost but it didn’t seem quite as dramatic. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

The Detox Process

Only one elimination today and it was rather hard. That was a bummer. I really want my bowels to be regular without enemas and flushes. I can’t live on them for the rest of my life. Hopefully my system is just trying to regulate. I wonder if the caffeine messed me up?

The Human Influencers

Really no report here today other than to say seeing my children eat healthy food is very encouraging. Sometimes they like, and sometimes they don’t. However just to know that I am being a good example in front of them and laying a solid foundation is wonderful motivation for me to keep going!

The Spirit

I’m tired and kind of numb tonight. It was a very “cares of the world” kind of day. I had many chores to attend and did not have a chance to at any moment slip away to read or pray. At this moment it is about 10:30 pm and I am exhausted. I only care to hurry through this entry, post it and go to bed. I pray for a better spiritual day tomorrow.

The Daily Grind

Grind, grind, grind indeed. I am glad that I stayed in bed late because it was all chores all day once I got up! I washed hair, cooked dinner and read stories. I did not read the scriptures to the kids though. I would have normally chosen the scriptures over the stories but I had promised them and also the stories are in a school book that needs to be returned.

Dinner tasted good, well to me anyway and to some of the kids, LOL. I made vegetable and lentil stew. It contained a mixture of lentils, carrots, celery, squash, green beans, onions, garlic, green pepper, and red pepper. Basically a vegetable nightmare to most kids, LOL, LOL. It was good to actually be able to eat some though. I could only manage down a very small bowl and I had a medium sized green salad. Again it was difficult for me to eat this. I actually wish I could just go back to not eating… sigh. I am down to 105 lbs now and my body was pushed to the limit with two weeks of no food. I know that I have to keep rebuilding my diet daily; however I am on a very strict diet and will remain so until this 40 days ends in 24 more days.

The Daily Reflection

Should one keep a promise that they never should have made? I was thinking about this today as I read the stories to my children. I really wanted to read the scriptures to them but I had promised that I would read the book so I did. The book turned out to be really boring; it wasn’t what we thought it would be. That is why it is better to say “I will try to…” instead of saying “I promise to…” then we leave ourselves with a graceful out.


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  1. Good Morning. It is amazing that I just wrote on my site about having weird dreams too. I just read that on your site as well. How amazing. I’m on day 13—still hungry (at least psychologically–LOL) but still holding on. I’m expecting the greatness of God to show up today. I am ELEVATING MY EXPECTATIONS! I hope that you are too. Talk to you later.
    Love you much,

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