40 Days of Fasting – Day 18

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Tuesday October 20, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

Feeling bad as I am awakened this morning to a horrifying nightmare! Ok, I know what this is now… duh! I have been having a lot of strange dreams since the Detox really picked up, but the last couple of days they have been more than strange. They have been BAD and last night was the worse. This is something that commonly happens to me after I minister effectively if I don’t recite certain prayers over myself – which I did not do this past Saturday. When am I going to learn?  Alright, well at least I know what to do now. The nightmares should cease tonight.

The Personal Goal

I am again feeling lethargic and uninterested in setting personal goals but I must press on. Besides I have special motivation today. My long lost son is coming to visit! Yes Ja’Keim, my 15 year old that I have not seen since April (6 months ago) will be here today. I don’t think he can stay long. His foster dad is bringing him and has to do some other things this evening, but whatever time he is here I want it to be meaningful. In light of this I want to tidy up the kitchen and make sure that all the children look bright and shiny, LOL. I hope I will have the energy.

The Body

I feel worse and worse. My head was hurting again this morning, although not quite as much as yesterday. I went to bed at about 11pm last night and got up around 8am so I did get adequate sleep. You would never know it of course. In addition to the thrush mouth and canker sores I now have a yeast infection. This Candida is raging in my body. I believe the caffeine gave it a boost. I gained a pound back. That is certainly good news. I am constipated, that is bad news.

The Juice

Juice? What juice? LOL, I have no report for juice today. This pain and fatigue that I am suffering is down right debilitating right now. I didn’t have the strength. I had eggs and berries for breakfast and didn’t eat again until dinner. I had a hardy dinner that I really enjoy; brown jasmine rice, steamed spinach and zucchini and baked chicken. Oh how it felt to sink my teeth into some meat! Oh… this has nothing to do with just does it, LOL. Well come to find out it is very important to eat protein to help rid yourself of candida. I was on a destructive course. So glad God is leading me in His wisdom!

The Detox Process

I eliminated twice today. It is still kind of hard and dark in color (healthy stool should look like peanut butter. I know that messed you up right, LOL). I would have to say this is an improvement on yesterday. I found out that I can take my probiotic up to three times daily so I will increase the dose tomorrow.

The Human Influencers

None good or bad to report; I just pressed on through the day as best as I could.

The Spirit

Another tough day. Emmanuel is on day 7 of master cleanse. He slept all day leaving me with girls alone. Today was just like yesterday in this sense. The one great difference though was getting to see my son! Yes I saw him; I saw him; and I hugged him!!! I hugged him for so long. He is so tall, I had to reach up. I tried to be tough but I cried on him. He is 15 so I thought he would get upset because I was being mushy but he held on to me too. He seemed just as emotional about it as I was, LOL. Ohhhh that felt great. Thank you Lord, thank you so much for this gift.

The Daily Grind

I spent many hours today doing my other daughter’s hair (yesterday was the baby today was the 3 year old) and just taking care of my little ladies. Normally I can multitask but I can’t stress enough how much pain I am in. I was really cranky today, it was terrible. The pain is just so bad. I was snapping at my husband for no reason other than the fact that I was just mad about being in pain and him resting all day.

Then I was preparing the children for seeing their big brother for the first time in so long. It was all very emotional but they were so estatic. I have at least spoken to him, they haven’t!

After that I spent my evening doing much more research on Candida. I have what I consider good news to report. The increase in symptoms is supposedly a sign that the treatment is working. It is called “die off”. In severe cases the die off symptoms are worse, which hopefully is what I am experiencing. It could be flaring up the lupus too. I am not sure but I have to press through on this!

The Daily Reflection

Who really knows what is in their own hearts? Why did I cry today when I saw my son? I am not one of those mushy type of people. My mom often cries when she sees me and I wonder why. I don’t really know why I cried today. It was unexpected. Those tears were hidden deep in my heart needing a release and I didn’t even know it.



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  1. You made some good points there about what is hidden in our hearts. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. I pray that you and your son will have many more visits together full of happy tears!

  2. Thanks, he called tonight all bubbly. It is getting better! 🙂

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