40 Days of Fasting – Day 19

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Wednesday: October 21, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I felt a lot better upon rising this morning. I prayed with Melody right before bed and that really lifted my spirit. I forgot to pray about the dreams though and thus had bad dreams again! I can’t forget about this today!

The Personal Goal

I have to go shopping. It’s wednesday and it’s that time once again. I’ll be on my own today because Emmanuel is really wiped from MC. Its day 8 for him and we ran out of lemons so I have to get going on the double!

Any other goal would be over-zealous. My body is still fighting. I didn’t even want to go shopping but to see my husband suffering without his lemons is motivating me. I would have to go to whole foods to get organic lemons anyway and it just wouldn’t make sense to not go shopping while there!

The Body

My body feels a little better this morning! I was afraid about how I would feel waking up due to how terribly I felt yesterday. However I actually feel a bit more rested, only slight headache and a lot less pain. Maybe yesterday the die off peaked. I actually ate a cookie last night. Now I know that sounds bad but it’s not what you think LOL! After doing all of my research yesterday I learned that if the die-off response is too severe one should slow it down by feeding the candida; and there is no better way to do that than to give it sugar! It was a mini cookie and I have to admit that although at first I enjoyed it, as it settled in my mouth I found it to be wayyyy too sweet. My tastebuds have indeed changed and when I start eating desserts again, I will have to make them homemade so I can lessen the amount of sugar in them! This is a good thing.

The Juice

Today I drank veggie juice and I actually enjoyed it quite much. It was cucumber, celery apple with one TBS of green powder added to it. I really didn’t think I would like but I actually loved it. Now I never thought I would say that about veggie juice and green powder (two things that I find nasty in their own right, LOL). But the powder was tasty and omitting the parsley from the juice made a big difference. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a ½ cup of garlic parsley juice with water and gush it down and then move on to the juice I enjoy. I really need to start getting some fresh garlic in my system but swallowing it is tough on my throat, however drinking the juice is tough on my mouth!

The Detox Process

I went twice today and everything is still hard and dark. Nonetheless I am glad that it is coming out. This morning my body felt better but by tonight (as I am typing this) I feel almost just as bad as I did yesterday. My appetite is certainly back with a vengeance. I don’t say this proudly because I am eating very healthy meals and still feeling hungry afterward which means my colon is still not properly absorbing nutrients. This all really makes me want to quit but I have to keep pressing in and I will.

The Human Influencers

I think I continue to encourage myself greatly. Today I saw some delicious chocolate pudding in the store. It was made with all organic ingredients. I wanted it sooo… bad. It is so hard not to eat sweets when I can eat everything else; it is like something is missing. I really felt like the Lord told me it was OK to have the pudding. I smiled and I was drooling as I planned to eat it in the van on the way home. But you know, I decided not to eat it even though I “was allowed to”. I want my desires to change and I don’t want to do just what is permissible but that which is truly beneficial. So thumbs up to myself! LOL

The Spirit

I felt good today. I listen to great praise music while I shopped and just felt wonderful in my spirit. There is something about shopping at whole foods that makes me feel good. I think it’s knowing that I am buying the right things for this family God has blessed me with. It was a rainy gray day, but light shined in my heart. I had wonderful prayer during my quiet time and I just feel good in my spirit even though my body is in pain.

The Daily Grind

What can I say? It was shopping day. I started at around 9am with the list and preparations and finished about 5:30 with putting it all away when I got home. Oh man this is tough. But I got it done, got dinner prepared and got the kids and my husband off to church so I could enjoy my “Wednesday Peace” LOL. I so enjoyed the quiet (they’re back now! LOL)

The Daily Reflection

It is amazing how doing the right thing can cause you to stand tall in your heart but how doing the wrong thing can cause your heart to faint. Last night I had planned in my mind to give up on this journey. I was going to make myself some creamy rice pudding and call it quits. Although my flesh was greedily lusting for that dessert, my heart was withering within at the very thought of turning away from my purpose. Today as I shopped and brought all of the right things, committed once again to go all the way, my heart stood strong and tall once again.


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  1. Laneen,
    Don’t quit the journey. Eat what is needed and let’s cross this finished line. You are half-way there. It’s all downhill now. I am praying for you. Take care of yourself and let’s see what’s on the other side of this 40 day journey.
    Your friend,

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