40 Days of Fasting – Day 20

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Thursday October 22, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

It is getting more and more challenging to keep up with this journal. I actually never had a chance to record my feelings yesterday and it is amazing to me how quickly I can forget what I felt like only about 24 hours ago! Feelings – emotions – they are so very fleeting. It is ashamed that we make so many major decisions based on them!

The Personal Goal

My goal for today is basically just to get my oldest daughter’s hair relaxed. This is an odyssey. I have to shop for the products and the process itself takes around 3 to 5 hours from start to finish depending on how I style her hair!

The Body

Sore and achy, a little headachy; I am just still believing for the day I am going to jump up out of bed feeling who and full of energy. But, that’s not today LOL.

The Juice

Wow what an experience today! I tried something that I promise never to do again. I have really wanted to eat or drink raw garlic to help with the candida. However I have not the courage. Well today I thought I had a plan: put 3 cloves of garlic along with parsley and spinach into my juicer to make a 4oz shooter. I figured I could gulp down 4oz easily and then chase it down with juice that I actually like which is the cucumber celery, apple. Well no problem guzzling the shooter. However I did not realize that garlic was so potent. It burned my stomach and throat so bad and made me so sick! It was awful pain that I felt. I had to lie down for hours after that.

The Detox Process

I never eliminated today. That is very disheartening but I refuse to do enema or SWF. I am going to give my body a chance to regulate on its own. I plan on doing a 30 colon cleanse once I finish the candida cleanse.

The Human Influencers

After I laid down from the garlic sickness I didn’t know what to do with the babies. It was too early to put them in the crib and dad was sleep. I told them both to climb up into bed with me and they were so cooperative. We have a great time playing peek-a-boo with the covers, tickling and reading picture books! If they had not wanted to stay in the room with me it would have been rough on me because I really felt sick. (Smile).

The Spirit

I have to admit that I am feeling really frustrated about my life right now. I don’t think I have ever had such a spiritually discontent “fast”. This is a different experience for me and I wonder if I am really still even fasting since all foods are back into my diet without restriction. I have to preach again in three weeks and I don’t want to be pulling an “all-nighter” in prayer trying to make up for weeks of spiritual drought!

The Daily Grind

OMG, hair, hair, hair and more hair! I did major work on all three of my girls heads this week and tomorrow I will have to do mine. This is rough. Then to make it so bad, doing their hair always wreaks havoc in my room since all of the hair stuff in here. After finally finishing my daughter’s hair I had to stay up until around three to clean up the aftermath (I did a little extra; still trying to get my room back to 100%) Needing to rest early threw me off schedule because I never went shopping for the products so I didn’t get back home and started until 6:30pm.

The Daily Reflection

It is amazing to me how quickly I can forget what I felt like only about 24 hours ago! Feelings – emotions – they are so very fleeting. It is ashamed that we make so many major decisions based on them!


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