40 Days of Fasting – Day 21

October 23, 2009 at 11:09 pm | Posted in Fasting | 4 Comments
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Friday October 23, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I felt energized this morning – certainly not in my body, but in my soul. I didn’t go to bed until 4am. I was so stirred I couldn’t sleep! I had such joy in my soul as I cleaned for hours before I slept last night. My soul is coming back into the perpetual Sabbath rest that I enjoyed before my life was devastated six months ago!

The Personal Goal

Today my goal is very important. I must get my home prepared for Shabbat and start on time! Every week I seemed to still be up to my neck in… something or other. Sundown comes and goes and I end up coming to the table frustrated at the lateness of the hour. Not so tonight, not so!

I want to sort the mail in my room today, or at least get started. It is too much to do in one day but I want to make a dent in it. I would also like to wash my hair but that is a bit of an ambitious goal because I got only 2 hours of sleep last night! But I will accomplish progress today I promise!

The Body

My body feels OK. It is not great but certainly not as crummy as it has been on other mornings. I am just taking it day by day. If it takes another three years for these dietary changes and supplements to bring total renewal then so be it. I just have to be committed and I am!

My weight is back up to 108 lbs and I am so happy about that. I would like for it to get right back up to 115. That is my favorite number in terms of weight. I also pray that by next week I start exercising again.

The Juice

I am on a new juice regimen now, LOL. Ok, now I am trying to drink apple cider vinegar (acv) daily. It is antifungal and has many other wonderful healing properties. I put it in Detox tea this morning and it was OK. Certainly not enjoyable but I had no problem finishing it. So I guess this and my veggies juice can replace the garlic! LOL

The Detox Process

I eliminated only once today. I really haven’t been eating a candida cleanse friendly diet. I have had sugar daily. It’s been in small amounts mostly from natural sources. But I have also added honey to my tea and other such things. I have had caffeine, bread and pasta as well. I guess my bowels are having a hard time regulating. But I will wait patiently for this to finish and then I will start my colon cleanse. I will be fine.

The Human Influencers

My husband and children were very excited about the Sabbath today. I see God moving more and more every week. I can truly say that I have never seen such joy in my husband about the Sabbath and he really applied himself diligently today to help ensure that we be ready on time. My children came home and got right to work to help clean so the night would be special. This was very encouraging today. Now… if only Ja’keim were here, sigh.

The Spirit

Peace, peace, peace… the peace of God is echoing in my spirit. I love the place that I am in right now. This is how I remember Sabbath being long ago when we first began to observe it. I don’t really understand this “fast” that I am on. It certainly has nothing to do with hunger, yet I can see the changes and I am grateful!

The Daily Grind

I had many chores today but I can’t say they were a grind. I just enjoyed cleaning today and preparing the house for Shabbat. I sorted piles and piles of old mail and papers for hours. I found many things that I thought were lost, LOL. I also washed my hair and took a bath. I can’t believe I got all of that done. When my kids came home we thoroughly cleaned the kitchen in a way that we have not done in many months and I cooked a delicious dinner that we ate after we finished our Shabbat ceremony. It was an awesome day!

The Daily Reflection

Happiness is a choice. Today I did have a low moment. I called Office Max to advocate for some max perks rewards that I was unjustly denied. After about an hour on the phone I was defeated in my purpose. The lady on the phone told me to have a good day as we were saying goodbye and I said in despair, “I won’t, goodbye!” After hanging up I thought about what I said and I immediately retracted those words. The denial from them hurt because they owe me $27 and in lean times like this I really need that money. But I thought, “so what, will I let this ruin my whole day now?” At that moment I chose happiness. I dismissed the disappointment that I felt about the denial and embraced the peace and joy of God. I won in the end through the power of choice! Hallelujah!



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  1. I too have just started a fast, albeit one with water only. I am on the cusp of my third day and losing motivation but also seek to complete a forty day period as that is what I truly feel called to do.

    Best of luck and best wishes.


  2. Hey friend,
    Just checking in. I hope all is well. It’s day #18 for me. I am hungry but hanging in there. I am a bit tired tonight. Look forward to talking to you and praying with you soon—whenever the Lord says so.
    Love ya,

  3. Thanks for your comment. I pray that you will use wisdom in how you carry out your fast. This may be something that you are called to do. However you should be sensitive to God’s timing to do it. Your body has to be ready for this or you could do long-term damage. I have learned about health during this time and one of the best results of my fast was learning that God is not interested in me starving myself. He is after my consistency in seeking Him and offering my body as a living sacrifice daily. So initially my aim was to not eat for 40 days, but he changed that to 40 days of focusing on eating the right things and keeping this daily blog to track the progress of my diligent effort! I pray for you as well.

  4. started the daniel fast on 1/20/10 it’s been really great to find out so much information on how to properly conduct this fast. I have been trying before the new started to fast, but have given up. Now however, I feel that with the grace of God and the information on this website that I will complete this fast and go on to complete the 40 day fast of eating once a day and drinking water. Since I’ve been fasting, I feel that the Lord is really blessing me in my prayer time. I feel my prayer is sincerer and deeper in relation with the Lord. So to everyone seeking to go higher in the Lord and the power of HIS might, God Bless and may all your prayers be answered.

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