40 Days of Fasting – Day 23

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Sunday October 25, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

I have been feeling pretty good these days. My house is getting so clean it just adds joy to my heart. There is just something about going to sleep and waking up in a clean house! Ahhhh….

The Personal Goal

I am on a rampage today! Laundry, laundry, laundry – I am really diligently trying to set a schedule and so I have been trying to tackle a different chore each day. I have decided to make Sunday laundry day. Now this will really be a challenge since I have not done laundry in a while. My husband has been doing it and he does a decent job but if I don’t stay involved with it clothes end up everywhere. That is where we are at right now. There are clothes stuffed in every nook and cranny of the house, LOL. Really getting the laundry done today is going to require me to be a private detective, LOL.

The Body

My body is feeling pretty good today. I seem to be getting stronger and stronger. My tongue is clearing more every day and my weight continues to increase. I have not gotten back to the gym yet and I definitely don’t feel at my peek but it is better!

The Juice

I drank my favorite green juice again today. Maybe soon I will stop reporting on juice because I really like this one and plan to stick to it. My main challenge now is remembering to drink 8 glasses of water per day which I did well on today.

The Detox Process

I only eliminated once today. I felt like I needed to go more but it never came out. I am glad I went once though! I will have a good report about this one day soon!

The Human Influencers

My husband really jumped on board to help me clean today and that was great! We worked so hard that at the end of the night we decided to sneak out and go to Whole Feeds to grab a bite to eat. They have a café there in the store. It is the only place that I will eat because I know they are using wholesome and organic ingredients. It was so fun to sit and eat with him and just get out of the house.

The Spirit

I feel good. I had a revelation about why I have been struggling so much spiritually. The Lord said I have to “shake myself off”. These things that I have been feeling and internalizing are not even mine. These are spirits that are being sent out by Satanists and witches because of the season that we are in! They want us to fall. As we intercede for God’s will; they intercede for satan’s will! So a lot of the depression and frustration that I struggled with is due to what is in the atmosphere.

The Daily Grind

Wow did I clean today! I totally cleaned and rearranged the two messiest rooms in the house; that would be the room that my three youngest boys share, and the room that my two youngest girls share. They were both a disgusting mess. I really did not intend to do this. I was just looking for laundry, but The Lord’s grace was on me to do much more than I had planned on doing!

I was really militant about getting this done today. I screamed a lot today. I feel bad about that. God’s grace was on me and I didn’t need to be that way with the kids. I am so serious about getting this house clean and I am probably a little afraid that they are going to wreck it. But I’ve got to have faith. This is a new season and God is doing this.

The Daily Reflection

It is so important to remain sharp in my discernment. I was so surprised to find out from The Lord today that I was carrying a burden that wasn’t mine! He gave me the revelation today on the way to the store with Emmanuel as we talked. When we got there I went to the restroom and just began to shake myself off. I repented before the Lord and lifted my hands in praise. It was amazing how I felt an immediate shift.


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