40 Days of Fasting – Day 24

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Monday October 26, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

Am I awake enough to feel anything today? LOL, I think not. I hardly slept a wink last night. After my cleaning marathon yesterday (and wonderful intimacy with my husband before bed) I really thought I would sleep like a log. That was so not the case though. I was wired. My body was tired but my mind wanted to clean some more, lol. Furthermore a terrible thunderstorm – the likes of which I have never heard in 34 years, made it impossible to sleep soundly. Nonetheless, I feel good this morning and ready – after a little more sleep – to tackle some more housework!

The Personal Goal

I have set Monday as the day that I will do my youngest daughter’s hair. I did her hair last Monday and figured I should just make this her assigned day from now on. I used to try and do all of the girls hair in one day but it is too rough. So my main goal today is that I stick to this plan.

That would be simple enough – if it weren’t for the fact that laundry is still all over the place. Although I got much accomplished yesterday, I never did finish the one thing that I had set out to do, which was the laundry. Now Sunday is my laundry day and if I don’t finish it today it is only going to get worse and worse so I really have to get it done today. This is saying a lot thought as I probably have about 15 loads to deal with!

The Body

I have a headache this morning but other than that I have to say I feel pretty good, especially to have gotten so little sleep! My body seems to be feeling stronger and stronger everyday and I am sooo thankful for this. The Candida symptoms really seem to be subsiding. Although headaches seem to be getting worse daily. I don’t know if that is due to the computer use or the fact that I have been in-taking more dairy. I am not changing my course though. Slow and steady – that is my focus. In time it will all be corrected as I continue to feed my body right.

The Juice

Like I said, I think I will stop writing about this as I have really settled into my green juice. I may start recording what I ate. Today I had oatmeal, oat toast w/butter, and two strips of turkey bacon fried in grape-seed oil for breakfast. I didn’t eat lunch, I just drank water. For dinner I have grilled salmon, brown jasmine rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I drank coconut kefir with the meal. I ate 1 square of dark chocolate (60% cocoa and about 4g of sugar) for a late night snack. I drank 8 oz of Detox tea, 8 oz of ganoderma coffee w/organic cream, 16 oz of green juice and 7 glasses of water for the day. I also remembered to take all of my supplements and vitamins.

The Detox Process

Went twice, hard and sticky. This is not a good sign. What makes it sticky? Isn’t that a lack of fluid? But I am drinking my 8 glasses of water! I will have to look into this. I don’t know what the problem is with these sticky bowels.

The Human Influencers

Emmanuel was great today. We worked side-by-side tackling the laundry once we both finally got out of bed, LOL. I get my work done so much more quickly when he helps me. Funny thing is I don’t even really think it’s the physical labor that he does (as I often have to go over his work, LOL). It is more just the encouragement and moral support that adds so much strength and pep to me for me to get it done more quickly.

The Spirit

I feel blessed in my spirit tonight. That revelation that I received last night really lifted me and I rode the wave all day today. Life is getting better and better.

The Daily Grind

I did it!!! I did it!! I did it! LOL, I got all of the laundry washed and almost all of it put away. And even though it was late as heck I got my daughter’s hair done too! I am so amazed by God’s grace (His empowerment)! Thank you Father!!!

The Daily Reflection

God’s grace is more than His unmerited favor, it is His supernatural empowerment. I have often received this “sudden” energy to clean that I have right now and have never really understood why. Emmanuel called them streaks, but I didn’t like that because I knew it wasn’t a streak, it shouldn’t be a streak. It was something that was accessible to me always that I just failed to tap into. Now I understand – it’s God’s grace that I yield to. It is His empowerment to do in His strength what I cannot do in my own. When I stop operating in my own might and succumbing to the frustrations of my inadequacy, that is when His grace can take over in me and really get the job done!!!


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