40 Days of Fasting – Day 25

October 27, 2009 at 11:51 pm | Posted in Fasting | 3 Comments

Tuesday October 27, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

Life is good. My soul is soaring in high places where it cannot be affected by doubt and negativity. I am focused on my mission and intend to come out successful!

The Personal Goal

Today – according to the new schedule that I am trying to get on – is my second daughter’s hair day. My main goal is to get this done. I also have a little be more laundry to tend to… but that may have to wait until laundry day now (Sunday). I want to get my refrigerator cleaned tonight to prepare for shopping tomorrow. I feel drained this morning… let’s see how it goes.

Oh, I have to get some desk work done today really!

The Body

I feel pretty good but these headaches are getting worse and worse. Sigh… I really think it’s the dry heat in the house. What can I do about this?

The Juice

I really struggled to make my juice today. It was not because I didn’t want to drink but because I didn’t want to make it. I was really low on energy this morning and I was hungry and wanted to eat. I have lost 2 lbs and am back down to 107. I am not happy about that and I know part of the reason is because I drink so much in the earlier part of my day that I end up not eating my first meal until late afternoon. As my housework settles into a pattern I guess my eating schedule will get better too. Oh, I did yield and make my juice… yum, yum.

The Detox Process

None today…

The Human Influencers

Prayed with Melody for the first time in a few days. I must pray with her more, it is always so uplifting. My family is still showing great support. I watched an old sitcom on the net today while doing my daughter’s hair and it really made me laugh. That was very uplifting. I love to laugh!

The Spirit

Wonderful! The Lord said to me that He is going to make it all worth my while!!! I am so looking forward to Pay Day!

The Daily Grind

Whew, my body is feeling the effects of my labor. I was really tired today. Mostly the headache was wearing on me. I did get my daughter’s hair done and I was able to get a little desk work done but that was about it. Tomorrow is shopping day so I am trying to build up my strength for that.

The Daily Reflection

I love the Lord, I love life, I love my family, I love myself, I love, I love, I love…



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  1. Hi Laneen,

    In reading some of your blog comments, I noticed that you suffer from Lupus. I too suffer from this and a just curious if you have found any relief while doing the Master Cleanse.
    It sounds lke your respiratory/sinus systems are affected by the Lupus, have you ever had ear problems??? The reasons I ask is because although I have just had the positive Lupus diagnosis for 2 years, the doctors are finding that alot of other physical silments I have had for years are a direct result of the Lupus. I also have autoimmune disoreer of the inner ears, IBS and COPD to name a few other of my bodies systems that are affected byt he Lupus. Have you aches and pains subsided at all during this cleanse???
    Anyway, I do hope this message find you in good spirits and I will be sending out some prayers your way!!!

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I hope you don’t mind me emailing you. My computer was down for a while so it took me a long time to respond and I wanted to make sure that you would get my response.

    The Master Cleanse helped every part of my body. I had incredible energy and my skin looked great. My sex drive was soaring and worked out very vigorously. However, I have candida and it really agitated the candida. Therefore toward the end of it I got really sick. I also noted that the wonderful effects didn’t last long. However it was only my first time and I heard that many cleansers do the cleanses repeatedly and get better results each time, therefore I plan on giving it another try.

    In terms of my sinuses – yes very bad problems with them. My ears often ache and ring, and my hearing is not that great. I got Lupus when I was very young – 8 years old. It was not a highly researched disease at the time. I did a lot of studying on it back then but much was not known about it. I did some research recently and was amazed to find out that many problems I have suffered over the years are Lupus related. However I also did extensive research on Candidasis and found that the symptoms are nearly identical. Candidasis is classified as a “non-disease”, which is considered to a physical process in the body that some classify as a disease but that is not recognized by medical science at large as a disease but is instead considered a “process”.

    Unfortunately the link between Lupus and candidasis is not researched for this reason. However I recently found an incredible product that has given me tremendous results for both disorders. I was given free samples and was very skeptical. But after trying I started sharing it with everyone. Everyone that I have shared it with has also reported back to me positive results. If you want to try some you can order it from here victoriouscoffee.organogold.com. It is certainly worth a try as the product is 100% safe with no side effects. It worked for me so maybe it will work for you too! 

    Please keep me updated on how you are doing.

  3. If I was a woman – I would just say “I feel you girl”! But I am the man, the husband and have been as “bad” as your husband was or worse (even though I hate to admit it). MEN!!! AH!

    Also want to say that I admire the fact that you are fasting. I have fasted a lot in the past but have not for a while. I plan on doing so again soon however. If the coffee sample helps then I may be ordering more to help with that. I get EXTREMELY weak when I fast.

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