40 Days – who cares what day!

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Wednesday October 28, 2009

The Soul (mind, will, emotions)

Hmmm… How do I evaluate how I am feeling? I think I felt good when I woke up this morning but I can’t even remember now. It is nearly midnight and I feel crummy… discouraged, angry, tired, frustrated… What the heck happened? I was on the mountaintop yesterday!

The Personal Goal

I didn’t write this morning but I set a mental goal and it was to go grocery shopping as this is my weekly assignment on Wednesdays.

The Body

I feel OK today. I felt really spacey all day. I had a terrible time concentrating. I also got really dizzy at a point and weak. Maybe it was because I did not really eat today. I don’t know but I really don’t feel great. I take “OK” back. I don’t feel good – kind of fluish.

The Juice

Green juice for breakfast; baked ziti with steamed veggies for lunch; coffee; salmon, salad, steamed veggies and banana bread for dinner; 4 chocolate almonds; all supplements plus some new ones; 7 cups water + tea.

The Detox Process

Twice today! I had to go while shopping and it was a long one, LOL. The timing was inconvenient but I was glad to get it out, LOL. I started taking omega 3-6-9 and psyllium husk supplements today. I hope these will help me eliminate more regularly. I’d like to be going twice a day at least!

The Human Influencers

I was pissed off today – if I can just keep it real. My day started off with aggrevation as my husband decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to go shopping with me. He was not very supportive today and that always makes my day harder. I guess he just was not feeling up to it but neither was I so it was rough. He said his tummy was bothering him but I think he just didn’t feel like it.

The Spirit

Sometimes I wish prophetic “words” would never be heard by me. I wish they could just be whispered into the atmosphere and come to pass!!! It is a truth that every time I get a powerful prophetic word that I truly embrace knowing that God is speaking to me, the very opposite of that word manifests in my life. Getting a prophetic word over my life is just asking for trouble, and I tell you the truth – I don’t feel like fighting! Why can’t The word just happen when it’s spoken? Why all of the delay?

The Daily Grind

Today was one of the worse daily grinds since this all started. I am really feeling aggrevated right now. That was fine really that Emmanuel did not want to go with me, but he waited until late to tell me so I ended up going shopping by myself with a really late start. I didn’t get home until almost 4:30 at which time he had to leave me to put all the food away by myself! Then he was supposed to have the kitchen ready for me to put everything away and cook but that was not done either. Then, he doesn’t even do a thorough job helping me get the bags out of the van. I finish putting everything away and realize that a significant amount of food that belonged in the fridge was missing. I had to drive all the way across town to the gym where he was to get the food out of the van because he turns his phone off when he goes to the gym!!!

Then I had to give one of my children a spanking tonight. That was terrible. I hate spanking my babies but he has a terrible, terrible habit of lying and I had to put him in check. I haven’t spanked that child in over a six months probably. He gets mad at me and slams my brand new blackberry 8900 on the floor! Then I had to let him have it again. To top it all off my period came three days early.  UGHHH!!! I just feeling like screaming my head off right now!!!

The Daily Reflection

What a rollercoaster emotions can be! Consistency can only be found in God’s presence. We can never trust how we feel or let such feelings determine the outcome of our day!


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