THE CHURCH on the Phone

Have you joined us for fellowship on our phone ministry “THE CHURCH on the Phone”? It is an awesome experience and we would love to hear your testimonies or comments about it. If you don’t know what THE CHURCH on the Phone is please visit our dedicated website for this ministry,



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  1. We just posted this page and need time to transfer all of the wonderful testimonies that we have. They are currently located at You can go there to read them for now or leave yours here, others are sure to follow!

  2. Dear Prophet & Prophetess Haniah

    My name is Joan Parrish. My sister sent me the link to your website about 2 years ago. I went on and was blessed by your testimony. I kind of lost touch after that and hadn’t visited your site in a while since then. Recently someone, I don’t know who, emailed me your new and updated website. I visited and found out about the church on the phone. I have been going through a season in my life where I want more of God and am kind of frustrated with the “Church” as an organization. I recently relocated from Virginia to Florida and have visited several churches and haven’t found a good fit so the church on the phone has truly been a blessing. I was truly blessed , Dr. Intamacy, to hear the audio version of your testimony. Each time I tune into the messages from either of you my soul is not only blessed, but challanged to do better. I just wanted to encourage you to keep on letting God use you. May God Bless you, your family, and ministry even more abundantly.

    Yours in Christ,
    Joan V. Parrish

  3. We thank you so much Joan. We truly cherish this testimonies. We pray that we will fill the void in your heart for a church family as the Lord continues to establish you in your new place of destiny. If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to call us.

  4. Well my life has been so blessed by the church on the phone. Who would have thought that one could experience the move of the spirit while having and encounter with our Heavenly Father. God says give honour to whom honour is due, and I have to say it is a privilege to be apart of the churh on the phone and with much appreciation and gratitude I say thank you. One can effectly experience both the spirit and the word of God which enables one to give birth to the things of God pertaining to the spiritual realm and not just the natural. It is a privilege to sit under such leadership while the Prophet of the hour speaks the word of God through conviction and power under the unction of the Holy Ghost. We know that it is the day an the hour where the people of God will be transformed by the spirit and word of God. Being part of the church on the phone has taught me how to be more discipline, consecrated, separated, holy, and committed to my Lord and Savior. It has helped me to be more intimate with God while at the same time crying out for others to move into the mystery of intimacy with the Father and the Son. Thank you for I know that God has appointed you as prophet unto the nations. I looked forward to continue move of God as He takes us from faith to faith and glory to glory! Amen!!!

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