The Revolution


We have set up this page to keep everyone who is interested up to date on the 100 Day Consecration that we are embarking on with other members of the Body of Christ. If you don’t know what “The Revolution” is all about please visit our main website

Afterward you can come back to this page to read other peoples questions, comments and  testimonies. We will also post new instructions and information about The Revolution as it  is available to us.

(This page is brand new so please start adding your comments so we can stay connected during this time of seeking the face and heart of  The Lord.)



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  1. Praise Yahweh, Lord God Almighty in the Highest! This has been an exciting time for us during this 100 day consecration thus far. We are into day 18 so it is certainly not too late to jump on board with us. You can get all the information you need by visiting the weblink you see above.

    We decided to start this blog page because a number of people began asking for information about the consecration and it became difficult to keep up with the demand for emails. Now all of the information is viewable On-line.

    Many people have inquired about the plan but have backed away when they see the discipline it takes. If their is one thing Christians hate more than giving money (LOL) it is discipline. It reminds me of when so many departed from Yeshua (Jesus) when he declared that his disciples must eat his flesh and drink his blood. They loved the miracles and blessings, but wanted nothing to do with his disciplined life of consecration!

    Don’t be like those disciples who walked away from Yeshua when He challenged them to go higher. Could not all of them have received the mantle of glory that the 11 did on the day of Pentecost? I believe that they could have but they chose to hold on to their life of carnality and refused to die to self. This consecration is going to give you a chance to die to self and truly live move and have your being in the Holy Spirit. Give yourself a chance to have a new experience – join The Revolution!

    In His Power,
    Prophetess Haniah

  2. Day #25 and we are still going strong. I am finally starting to feel good in my body! This week we will be starting a colon detox. Please get the book Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for Life by Cherie Calbom. This is the book that we have been reading together. There is a great colon detox program in the book. You can also choose an over the counter detox program. whatever works for you is fine as long as you do it!!!

    Today I was asked is OK to do a detox if you’ve just done one recently. I’d say if your bowels are still not moving regularly (2 to 3 times per day, soft and easy to pass) then yes you should do it again. You can do one every couple of weeks until you achieve the desired results. However always check with your doctor first.

  3. Congratulations to Cassandra and Joan for joining The Revolution this weekend! Hallelujah. Take the next step and call into the Church on the Phone ladies. Get connected with us so we can support you during this time of seeking Yahweh God’s face!

  4. Today I made something really good! I was tired of eating just plain brown rice. So what I did was cook the rice as usual. Then I sauted some red and green pepper with onion in a pan (use olive or coconut oil for this). I then spread some raw spinach on a plate and put the rice on top of the spinach. Lastly I topped off the rice with the sauteed veggies. It was very good. I will make this one again. Anyone else have some recipies to share that they’ve discovered during the consecration? Please share with us!

    Don’t forget to be getting your house cleaned up. Soon we will be entering in to our seven days of no food. You will want to have everything in order by then.



  6. Had to switch detox programs to Master Cleanse. I am way more toxic than I thought. Yikes! I am starting tonight.

    I had a wonderful experience since detoxing. My cycle was really light. I had to wear light tampons the entire time and it ended in five days with no cramps! it was great!

    My skin looks great too. Pastor thought I had make up on, but it’s naturally and beautifully just me. LOL. Keep it up guys. With or without you, I am going all the way with this thing. I want Yah to control me and not food!

    Oh speaking of which, I have had some weak moments to. I slipped up twice, but I didn’t let that stop me. I got back up, brushed off and kept going! So if you have fallen off don’t quit. Jump back in it’s not too late!!!

  7. Hey Friend,
    It’s Sunday evening. Today has been a day of personal revelation. I feel God releasing me into new levels of destiny. What powerful truth!! I have spent time this evening working on Purpose. He’s been showing me new and mighty things to come and He’s begun to unfold the road map!! My, my, my. Okay, I am just a bit excited at the moment…
    I am not as HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGRY (LOL) today as I was on yesterday. I REALLY praise God for that. I was so VERY tempted all night last night. I wanted everything wrong to eat. But, He helped me to make it through.
    Today has been better. But I noticed that I’ve been itching a lot lately. That’s all a part of the body’s detox.
    By the way, I left my phone number in your e-mail yesterday. I do look forward to being able to pray with you. I thank God for adding you to my life along this journey…
    His Peace and Love,

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